Which foreign language certificate do college students need to take

What should I use for college for four years? For most people, going to college is of course for better job opportunities and better prospects for development. However, many people do not seem to know what should be prepared in the university for four years. In the end, they may only have one or four classes.

In fact, the 46 certificate is a stepping stone for the workplace. However, after you really touch the workplace, especially after a year in the workplace, you will find that Class 4 or 6 certificates are not enough. Most of the time, they are simply related to ”whether your resume is thrown into the trash in the sea election” is so simple, is a genuine ”knock. Door. Brick.”.

So, in the workplace, which foreign language certificates are high in gold? The first one that many people think of may be BEC (Cambridge Business English). This is indeed a big name in the business English test, and there is an endorsement from Cambridge University; however, the gold content NO.1 that Shang Yingjun has to say is not its BEC is indeed a good test, but from the certificate alone, there are other tests more useful than it.

1. English language ability: IELTS/TOEFL


Although IELTS is an examination for overseas students and immigrants, it is actually very popular in the domestic recruitment market. As mentioned above, Certificates 46 or 4 can often only make your resume “not be thrown into the trash”; especially for many large companies, “Level 6 Pass” is already a default item; wait until the recruiter is serious When reviewing resumes, if your foreign language section is only one level six, then there is no difference with no foreign language section. And if you say ”IELTS 7 points” or even ”IELTS 8 points” in this section, the situation is completely different; even if you don’t need a lot of English, you will give priority to you (of course, other hard indicators need to pass. ). This is because when your English ability reaches this level, it means that you can freely read the contents of foreign media and watch English videos, so that you have the ability and breadth of information is higher than the average person.

As companies become more international, there is an important need for employees that are fluent in different languages. People with language skills are more valuable in the global job market. The knowledge of more than one language is necessary in most sectors.

As companies are becoming more and more international, they urgently need employees who are fluent in multiple languages. In the global job market, employees with language skills are considered more valuable. Many fields require that you must have more than one language.

Moreover, due to the current “go abroad”, the IELTS exam is basically well-known, and everyone has a better understanding of what their respective scores correspond to, and recruiters can use this indicator intuitively. So, if you want to make the foreign language section on your resume a bonus, you may want to go to IELTS.


TOEFL and IELTS are listed as two pillars of the overseas study exam. IELTS is mainly for the UK and Europe, and TOEFL is mainly for North America. For the job search, the value of the two of them is quite similar and there is no essential difference; if your resume says ”TOEFL 100″ or ”TOEFL 110″, it is quite competitive. However, they have some differences in the contents and competence of the examinations; as the saying goes, TOEFL is ”having listeners get the world” and IELTS listening is quite satisfactory. Therefore, if hearing is your advantage, then you are more suitable to go to the exam.

2. Second foreign language: Spanish/Japanese

Spanish proficiency test DELE

To say which language a Chinese learns is useful, it is definitely Spanish. If ranked by user population, Spanish ranks third in the world, second only to Chinese and English. Throughout Latin America, except Brazil, which speaks Portuguese, all other countries speak Spanish. The Southeast Asian country, the Philippines, also has a large Spanish population. Even the United States has a large population of Spanish speakers, especially California, Florida, and New Mexico. There are also some countries in Western Africa who speak Spanish.

The importance of Spanish as a language of business has been increasing in the last few decades, due in large part to the constant economic growth Latin American countries have been experiencing –many of these countries have taken huge leaps forward in terms of their international economic positions .

Over the past few decades, the importance of Spanish has become higher and higher. This is largely due to the sustained growth of the Latin American economy. Many of them have taken a giant leap forward in the international economic status.

If you understand Spanish, the business area that you can touch suddenly becomes a lot bigger. Moreover, Latin America happens to be an important export market for electric vehicles and video games in China. Now we are actively involved in projects such as high-speed railways. Spanish language talent will become more and more popular in China in the future.

Japanese proficiency test N1

Although the number of Japanese speaking countries in the world is only one in Japan, this does not mean that the use of Japanese is very small. Japan is a highly developed country with a creative industry. It has many world-famous design and creative companies, and advertising and marketing programs are often very magical. At the same time, Japan’s film and television, animation, and game industries have a profound impact on China. If you understand Japan, you are more likely to gain insights into these industries.

Considering that Japan is geographically isolated island nation that is densely populated and poor in natural resources makes the strength of the Japanese society seem even more impressive. The Japanese have relied on their creativity and scientific know-how to succeed not only economically but also in ecology. Ways.

From a geographical perspective, Japan is a very small and densely populated island country, and its natural resources are very scarce. With this in mind, their economic level is even more surprising. Japan, relying on its creative and scientific methods, has not only achieved economic success but also achieved ecological success.

In order to understand Japan and understand Japanese culture, it is certainly not enough to use Chinese in the light, because many information will inevitably be lost in the process of translation, and many front-line information is not available in Chinese.

3. Workplace competencies: BEC / TOEIC

Cambridge Business English BEC

To be honest, if we are looking for a job, especially when the newcomers in the workplace are looking for a job, the effect of the BEC score is far less than that of IELTS and TOEFL. However, BEC has its own advantages. Its value is reflected in its preparation process and its ability to actually assess.

You need to be able to deal with unpredictable questions, argue a business case and write business reports.

You need to be able to handle unpredictable issues, discuss business cases, and be able to write business reports.

The performance of IELTS and TOEFL depends largely on your English language ability. BEC this exam, it not only assess your English, but also test your understanding of the workplace and business, many exam topics scene is a hands-on workplace and business scenarios; ”BEC advanced” is the default you have excellent English skills . Moreover, BEC’s hearing is non-linear; in the IELTS, the sequence of the listening topics is the same as the narrative sequence of the articles, and BEC’s hearing and topics are not synchronized. You need to understand the entire listening material as a whole. Therefore, for people who have entered the workplace, especially those who want to become high-end talents in multinational companies, BEC (especially BEC Senior) is the real gold certificate; and senior human resources personnel are also aware of this.

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